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Why not treat yourself or someone you love by commissioning a custom piece of Art ?


An original painting is something unique & commissioning one will make it even more special ...

*You can request ANY canvas size (in inches):
*A custom-made canvas will be made to the best dimensions you need to suit your home.
*Canvas sizes are done in inches worldwide which means a painting I send unstretched can    easily be restretched to the original size where ever you live.
*If you are unsure which size would be best, you can send me photos of your room and I will advise you on what would look good.

*You can choose the design and colors:
*You can get one of the designs you see on this site recreated (as I am only human, the painting will always be slightly different and unique) in any size you like. You might notice a few designs are not available for commissions, this is usually because of the complexity of the design which I cannot guarantee to reproduce closely!
Give me a brief of what you would like. In this case, I will need a little bit of time to think about it and I will do a few studies on paper based on the ideas you gave me. When we are both happy with the ideas, I will start working on your design. When I near completion of the piece, I will contact you and have it posted on my website or will email it to you, to ensure you are happy with it. I will then finish the piece, sign, date and have it framed  and ready to be sent to you, or the person you are getting it done for. (You can choose to frame any piece of artwork yourself.)  

* You will receive a certificate of authenticity:
* A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist will accompany the finished Artwork.
* It will bear the name of the painting, its size, date of creation and reference.

Contact me with your ideas and canvas dimensions for an obligation-free quote. 

 Call 800.715.2534


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