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Biography & Artist Statement of Kona Bonn

 I originate from Oahu, Hawaii where I grew up until the age of ten. I then moved to Southern California with my family, and have lived here for the last twenty seven years frequently visiting my native home of Hawaii over the years.

 I have always enjoyed working with pastels, oil pastels and colored pencils. But now I enjoy working with my computer as my sole means of creating my art, which can take just as long as freehand.  When I create art on my computer it gives me a great sense of power and creativity.  Because almost any creative idea that comes to mind can be created in vivid color and great detail. One of my favorite materials to print on is canvas and high gloss paper which captures every detail of shading, hue and color of my art.

 What I enjoy most about what I do is the ability to create and express myself freely.  To bring feelings of awe, wonder and joy to people that see it. I never refer to my art as work. Because it brings me so much joy to create it. When a piece turns out really well, it gives me a great feeling of enthusiasm and excitement which I can hardly wait to share with others.

 Complex patterns of color, depth and detail immerge from my art creations. The more you look the more you see is always the way my art is described.

 What matters to me most as an artist is belonging to a special community of Human Beings throughout the world who can capture any human emotion possible through different forms of visual stimuli. 

 Please feel free to ask my any question about my art creations.

 Kona Bonn Grier

 Contact me by Email at Konabonn@Yahoo.com  




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